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At just 8 years old, Jack built an official NASA spacecraft cockpit under a pool table with couch cushions, a flight simulator joystick, and a 90's screensaver to bring his own version of Ron Howard's Apollo 13 to life. Although his budget was thin and the 13 minute film failed at the box office, the silly DIY remake sparked a desire for creative adventure and the resourcefulness to achieve it. After directing two USC Senior Thesis projects: his short film "Bye Bye Bernard" and the Ron Howard & Brian Grazer web-series "My Friend D-Rone", Jack worked on a number of big budget projects, including The Lion King, Godzilla vs Kong, and Pacific Rim 2. 

His most recent short Sci-Fi Thriller, the 2019 Film Pipeline Finalist "MANHUNT", screened at festivals all across the world including the the 2022 Comic Con International Film Festival. His first feature film, the Sci-Fi Adventure BOLT FROM THE BLUE, had its World Premiere at the 30th Annual Austin Film Festival before its wider release in 2024.

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